Botox and Plastic Surgery

Botox and Plastic Surgery

Botox treatment has had its share of scrutiny by the media and the public and even governmental agencies. However, the fact that it is allowed and in fact recommended in a lot of cases speaks volumes about its effectiveness and integrity. It is not only safe, it is quite advantageous and useful to you as it will boost your aesthetics, and along with it your self esteem.

Improving your facial features is not necessarily limited to a better skin tone or texture. It involves deeper penetrating effects that are controlled by ageing and related processes. As you age, you skin loses its sheen and integrity and tends to sag and form wrinkles. Using Botox treatments, you can avoid all this as the skin tissue is controlled in the aging pattern. It might seem like the treatment will involve extensive medicine use but that is not true and all you need is one Botox injection.

Before getting a Botox treatment, a lot of people are concerned about the consequences and even after effects as a lot of plastic surgery treatments require bed rest and so forth after the treatment. However, the important thing to remember is that Botox injections are not plastic surgery and there are almost zero side effects to the entire process.

The most important thing to remember is that with Botox injection, there is nothing to rebuild or reconstruct. Plastic surgery will involve modifying the skin structure and texture of your face or other parts of the body but with a Botox injection, you will just have Botox added, which will control the aging process of your skin and muscles. In addition, plastic surgery is quite expensive and depending on the nature of the surgery, you will have to be immobile for a few days. On the other hand, Botox, being a treatment rather than a surgery will take up hardly any time and you will be on your daily routine, before you know it!

Granted, there are some things that cannot be cured by Botox but you should understand that Botox is more of a preventive measure than a cure for aesthetic disorders. If you are looking for extensive treatment to modify your looks entirely, then Botox might not be the solution for you but if you are looking into maintenance, meet up with a Botox doctor and you should get the best solution for you.


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