Cosmetic Surgery Treatment After Weight Loss

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment After Weight Loss

So, you have sweated, passed on countless chocolate cakes, and pushed your willpower to its limit. Losing a massive amount of weight is not an easy task, and you thought all of your hard efforts would be rewarded. You would be ready to slip into that slinky dream dress or run bare-chested down the sand with your enviable new body. But you never had the chance, because the flab was replaced by unsightly sagging skin. Gaining and losing a large amount of weight can wreak havoc on your body. Skin can only be stretched so far until it loses its elasticity. What’s worse is that not everyone’s skin was created equal. The older you are the more sag you will likely suffer from, and some people just have less resilient skin than others.

Many people feel defeated when they discover that their new body is not what they expected. And although you have had a long road to lose the weight, your journey might not be over. The only way to banish the excess loose skin is to undergo cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, the procedures available can provide dramatic results, improving your confidence as well as your physique.

Each individual’s experience with massive weight loss and subsequent plastic surgery will vary. Some only have mild sag in a few areas, while others will have more severe cases that require more extensive surgery. Your cosmetic surgeons will customize a set of procedures to suit your needs. In certain cases, it may be necessary to undergo multiple procedures over an extended period of time. If you do choose to undergo surgery, be aware that it might be a long-term commitment, involving a great deal of time, patience, and money.

The most commonly used procedure in the cases of extreme weight loss is lifts, which can be performed on various body parts. Lifts involve making an incision, pulling the skin of the area tight, removing any excess skin, and then sewing the area back together to create a smooth appearance. The operations are similar to facelifts or tummy tucks, except they often involve large incisions that can leave noticeable scarring. Arm lifts, which are very common among post-weightloss patients, involve making a long incision below the arm, and then pulling the skin upwards. Although the plastic surgeons try to conceal the scar among the natural lines of the body, it is not always possible.

Recovery from multiple lifts and cosmetic procedures can take long periods of time. If you undergo a procedure such as a tummy tuck, you may not able to participate in normal activities, anywhere from three to six weeks. Some people prefer to get all of their procedures out of the way in one session, while others might find spreading out the surgery over the course of a few years easier for them financially and physically. Discuss with your doctor what to expect and which option will best suit your lifestyle and needs.


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